May 2018 Note: Please note that I am not able to accept any review requests, guest posts, or interviews at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding!

A couple of things have come to mind since I started this page, so here is my 'catch all' for a few friendly updates/reminders:

1)  The opinions of this blog are strictly my own. They have not been influenced by any publisher in particular or any specific author. They do not reflect my workplace point of view.

2) I tend to write the same way that I feel. This sometimes is much to the dismay of my audience. I do not ever intend to cause a negative consequence on anyone as a result of a review. I simply write about the way that the book made me feel. Similar to how people have different tastes in music, different tastes in foods, inevitably some books are going to resonate with me more than others.

3) Authors-you rock! Thank you for doing what you do. It is not easy to put your story out for the world to be a critic. Even if #2 is true for me about your book, please know that you have my admiration for doing what you do. If writing is your passion, keep on going! There will be people who find your work rewarding.

4) My posts are intentionally short and spoiler free. I know that everyone has busy lives, so I don't tend to write super long reviews telling every detail about a book. I also don't want to ruin the plot for anyone. If you wish to have a more detailed conversation about a book, send me an email-we can talk there.

5) If you have any concerns about what I have expressed, please contact me. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible. 

Thanks for your understanding! 

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