Hi Everyone and Welcome to My Book Blog!

I'm Val and I will be your host while here. I think maybe the best way to begin is to start in the beginning. As a child we had a card catalog at my local library. It turns out having one at the library was not enough for me, so I created my own within my books and started checking them out to my friends. I guess you could say that was just the beginning.

Years have gone by and I still feel that deep affinity for books. In an effort to make myself keep better track of the books I read and condense them into one location, I started this blog as a place to review interesting books that I read.

Feel free to have a look around and let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to  email me at hesaidbooksorme@gmail.com.

January 2019 Note: Please note that I am accepting only a few reviews at this time, as I am working full time and going to school, both of which are keeping me very busy. That said, I love being presented with new authors, new books, and I would love to hear from you! :) If you are interested in a guest post, please let me know. I will review for appropriate fit and try to schedule if possible. 

Happy Reading!

                                                                       What I Read

Wondering what types of books I like? To be honest, I like a little bit of everything! I love learning something new, exploring the world through books, and reading ones that leave you wanting to know more.

In particular though, I really enjoy:

Memoirs/Biographies-Especially the ones where they set up a 'project' and then try to document the experience. (Think 'The Happiness Project' or 'Julie and Julia')

Women's Fiction and Romance-Mainstream popular, contemporary books. That is not to say that I don't love a good classic as well!

Young Adult (especially Contemporary Romance)-As a kid I loved the Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley High, Boxcar Children, Judy Blume, and Beverly Clearly. As the genre has developed, so has my taste in it. I like to understand how people develop over time and reading this genre helps me to understand better how people do that. 

Adventure Books-Outside of the reading world I love to hike, travel, explore. Anything related to this is right up my alley!

Education/Leadership Books-this is what my graduate degree is in, so if there is something I can read on this topic, I am all ears. 

Graphic Novels- This is a new group for me! I haven't read a ton of them, but the ones I have been reading have been alot of fun. :)


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    1. Thank you! :) Awesome! I am so glad to hear you adopt those that need a great home!!