Book Review: Ghostly Tales of Selected VA State Parks

Monday, January 11, 2016

Author: P.M. Elton

Summary from Goodreads:
A series of stories about some of the state parks in Virginia and some of the unexplained things that happen. Part ghost stories, part history, this book recounts the experiences from those people have noticed the strange things happening around them.

This book was an interesting read.

Personal Review:
I picked up this book while we were visiting one of the State Parks earlier this year because it sounded interesting. No matter on whether you believe the ghost aspect or not, there is information about the state parks and I found this book full of history about the parks. I love hiking in the parks and it is even more fun when you know a little bit about the history of the parks!
This book was a fairly quick read for me. I am going to be using it as part of Mount TBR challenge and as part of the book ‘set in your home state’ challenge on Pop Sugar. (While ND will always be home, this has been my home for the last few years!)

I recommend this book, especially around the Halloween time of year.

Happy Reading!

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