Another Weekend Recap

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to stop by quick with another reading recap from this weekend. I am continuing to make process on my #0by16 list. Yay!  

Here are the highlights:

Forever Your Earl
Part romance/part scandal story, this one was a story about Eleanor Hawke and the Earl of Ashford. The story is one that gives you the behind the scenes look at the life that he lives and the secrets he keeps. When faced with whether to expose the truth, Eleanor has a hard choice to make. Expose the man she has fallen for or tell it all.

Basket Case
This a story of Nixy and the mystery that happens at her aunt’s farmhouse in Arkansas. When a murder happens, it is up to her to clear her name. She does so in an adventurous ways.  A quick read with a cozy mystery feel.

Black Cat Crossing
Sabrina has made a new friend, a black cat. Rumor around the town is that he is bad luck. When things start happening around here including a murder, she has to start to wonder. Determined to not let the superstition be real she steps in for helping to find the killer. A quick read that keeps you turning pages to the end.

Your Sacred Yes
A religious driven book, this one is about the ought to’s and should-do’s in a person’s life. The author reflect on the ways in which you can “trade your life draining obligations for freedom, passion, and joy.”  A quick read that gives the reader a lot to reflect on.

What did you guys read over the weekend?

Happy Reading!

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