Book Review: Not My Life (Time Shifters #5)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Author: Bob Kat
Personal Review:Do you enjoy books about time travel? Do you wish you could back in time and change the outcome of things? Then this may be the book for you.

In this book, we are meet a group of teens who come to the rescue of an old friend who has been wrongly accused of murder. The teens must use their technology, knowledge from the future, and everything they can think of to help him. The problem is that they are not sure how to make him believe what they are saying.

The book was a quick read with a plot that kept moving. I liked the characters and in some ways they were like the 'stereotypes' of who they were. That said, I think that they had the best of intentions and wanted to do good by their friend.

I found the book an interesting read and I am glad that I had the opportunity to read it.

Disclaimer: I was awarded this book from the author. Though I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.

Happy Reading!

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