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Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Please help me by giving Stan a warm welcome to the blog. Stan is the author of Blessed be me-There is a God. He has shared with me the following guest post.


At age 14 my grandfather was dying and he said “If you pray every day, I will take care of you”. And he certainly has done a wonderful job. This book “Blessed be me, There is a God” are my lifelong experiences resulting from my guardian angel. There are 28 episodes in war, disease and danger that could have eliminated me. In addition my wife passed away a year ago and there has been a litany of experiences with angelical encounters. To provide a few samples my wife is currently living as an angel in my apartment. Angels when within your vision and they notice your attention will evaporate before your eyes. In order to overcome this complication my wife appears as an angelical lantern floating in the air from morning to night. I always wave to her as she floats by. She joins me in the shower, breakfast, dinner and even when I am in bed. There are times when the lantern goes into the covers and she will poke my arm with a finger several times but totally invisible. The lantern goes out under the pillow.
            In the area of danger, war and disease I will relate three encounters. In WWII I volunteered in 1943 at age 22 in the US Navy. I served in both the Atlantic and Pacific campaigns. On one occasion I was up in the rigging of the ship I slipped and fell through the air to be crushed on the deck. In the middle of that event while falling a rope was placed in my hand and stayed there as though glued. Immediately I pulled myself to safety with both of my hands. Out of nowhere there was a solution to avoid death. In 1956 my wife and I were living in upstate New York and there was a severe epidemic of polio. I became ill and diagnosed as having polio. They transferred me to a contagious ward in Syracuse, New York. Upon entry I asked the nurse “What do you do about polio?” she answered “Nothing”. The next morning I awakened completely paralyzed on my right side and I said to myself “If I leave here as half a man, I will shoot myself”. At that moment the doors opened and a female doctor walked in with white coat and stethoscope. She walked up to my bedside and stated “I understand you have a problem”. An amazing comment considering that I had not spoken to anyone. After a little manipulation and questions she departed saying “You will be alright”. As she walked out the regular nurse walked in and I asked her “Who was that female doctor that just left”. She responded “We have no female doctors in this hospital”. I pondered over that communication and was surprised when in a short time I went home cured. The female doctor obviously was an aid sent by my guardian angel grandfather.
            A final story pertains to a situation of danger while in the Pacific on a naval vessel. In that particular year there were deathly hurricanes in the broad ocean. Ships were breaking in half and the danger was slowly moving towards us. We were constantly listening on the radio of damage and death. From my experience I told the leaders that there is such a phenomenon called “The eye of the hurricane”. In description it would be an area approximately 2 or 1 mile diameter that was peaceful like a piece of glass. As we talked we realized that we didn’t know the location of the eye. It was a wonderful thought but impossible to engage and we might as well put it out of our minds. Soon there was a ruckus in the bow (forward end) of the ship. We ran to that point with fear as to what we were about to face. Instead we were already in the eye of the hurricane. My grandfather brought safety to our ship and its content. We circled for 2 days on the glass surface until the hurricane subsided. A miracle indeed. As part of the preface of this book there is an affidavit from the Polygraph Company who at my request tested me. The affidavit provides evidence as to the veracity of “Blessed be me, There is a God”.   **************

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