Armchair BEA Discussions!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Here are links to the Discussions for Each Day. I know it is supposed to be a daily update, but I am going to be traveling this weekend, so I am trying to get my thoughts out now! 

Day 1 Discussion: Diversity in Books

Here are few thoughts of mine:
More and more I am starting to notice that we are seeing more and more diverse voices in books. For this I am glad! I am not sure if it is because I am reading more diversely or because it is actually true or both. In any case, I believe that exposure to culture, values, thoughts that are different from your own are positive. It can help you think through topics more broadly and be more open minded. I am not saying that everyone has to agree all of the time, but just having respect for differences can go along way. As a blogger, I chose to continue to pick books that are different and unique to me. Negative and stereotypes are a hard conversation to overcome. We need to be willing to have hard conversations in a respectful way.

How do you include diversity in your book choices? 


Day 2: Aesthetic Concerns

The Books
I have to admit, I judge a book by its cover quite a bit. It has drawn me to a couple of books that I maybe wouldn't have picked up otherwise. I like pretty, colorful covers. I do prefer that if I have a group of book in a series that they are of similar style. I am not too concerned if the inside doesnt match the outside.

The BlogI am actually just coming up on my one year blogaversary! As a result, I have not spent too much time on my branding of my blog so far. I hope to do more of that in the future. The most important things are having a welcoming space, a place where people can discuss books, and having fun. :) More to come on this in the future. I will be checking out everyone's posts to see what they say here and see if I can get some new ideas or at least be inspired! 

Day 3: Beyond the Books and Beyond the Blog

I have to admit, I a bit old school when it comes to the format of the media. I have a kindle and it is great when I travel, but nothing beats a paper print book for me! I have read quite a few graphic novels and I am really enjoying those! My faves are Rat Queens and LumberJanes. I think that this format is fun because it helps me visualize the  story all the more!

I have tried to start attend more book type events in the local area. I am also pretty involved with Twitter chats and I have enjoyed getting to know and meet new people that way! 

Day 4: Surviving Fictional Worlds and Giveaways

I wish that I could land of Oz! It just looks beautiful. I would want to stay in the safe places and away from the scary forest, but it should be better now that the Wicked Witch is gone, right? That is one place I would rather stay 'behind the glass' for!

Once I got to Oz, I think I would go track down Dorthy's friends, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion. They seem like a fun group. I would want to check in on Glinda and munchkins as well. I would enjoy getting to see the places that she saw! 

Day 5: Wrap Up

This will be done when I get back on 5/16 along with my closing survey!


  1. I agree, having a space where everyone feels free to discuss books while respecting everyone's opinion is amazing. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! I love your blog name by the way!

    Tina The Bookworm

    1. Yay for 'safe spaces!' Thank you! :) Happy Reading!

  2. I totally get you. I haven't focused too much on branding so far.
    Gabriella M Reads
    My Armchair BEA post.

    1. Glad to know I am not alone! It is almost like I need a training to get some good ideas and recommendations.

  3. Totally agreed on physical books vs. Kindle. I have a Kindle that I mostly use for reading on the go (let's face it, carrying books around everywhere can get heavy), but when I'm at home I generally prefer paper.

    1. Agreed :) There is just something about the paper that feels right :)