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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with a quick reading recap from the last little while.

All Four Stars
This is actually the first book in the series. I ended up reading the second one first, but it was okay. I was happy to be reunited with Gladys and her cooking adventures. It was a cute book and I enjoyed it very much. The best news I have heard is that there is a third one coming out in July! If you have people in your life who are foodies, this is one for you.

This is a book that I own and I have been meaning to read for awhile. This was part of my #RockMyTBR challenge. I enjoyed this book. I have to say that it is different from the other Rainbow Rowell books that I have read, but I was okay with that. In this book, we met a couple who has experienced some challenges in their marriage. When a magic phone comes to be and connects them to their past, it conjures up a whole of memories and emotions. An interesting book.

The Way Back to You
I was provided this book by Harper through Edleweiss. Even though provided a copy, all opinions are my own. This book was super cute! In the book our two main characters are coping with the loss of their best friend/girlfriend. When the coping becomes an adventure, it becomes a story that keeps you wanting to know what happens. It was a cute story and I really enjoyed it.

The Grand Tour
This book is about the legendary, George Jones, country music star. In this book we get to learn more about his life from those that were closest to him. The book has some behind the scenes information about his life and legacy. I enjoyed listening to his music growing up and it was fun to know the story behind the legend.

The Wander Trail
I was provided a copy of this book from First to Read, but all opinions are my own. I enjoyed this book because it was about an adventure from North America all the way down to the tip of South America. The book was interesting because it discusses the author’s perspective about his travels. There is so much culture and interesting information in those countries! I am traveling to South America later this year and I am glad that I had a chance to read this book.

Lady Renegades
Harper is back in book 3 and this time she must save David. When she unexpectedly has to rely on Blythe for assistance, you know that an adventure will ensue. This book was witty and I enjoyed the story to find David. It kept me reading and wanting to know what would happen next. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for those who like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Gotham Academy
I picked this one up because I have been told that Gotham Academy is going to be teaming up with one of my faves, LumerJanes for a few issues in June. Gotham Academy follows a group of students and the adventures that have. I enjoyed the story and the illustrations were great!

I picked this one up because I wanted to have a balance of some shorter reads for Bout of Books. This was a quick read that I enjoyed very much. This one is the story of a family in a new mysterious house. When things go astray, it is their job to figure out how to save their mom and get things back to normal.  I enjoyed the book and found it to be an interesting read.

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Happy Reading!

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