Q&A with Irene Woodbury

Thursday, May 25, 2017

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I am excited to be here today to bring you a Q&A from author, Irene Woodbury! :) I hope that you will check out the post below and her book pop-out girl.


What inspired you to write the story?

Pop-Out Girl is my third novel. While I was writing my second, I sometimes went to Las Vegas to work and get in a little relaxation. As I walked around the Strip, I got this idea about a man who comes to Las Vegas and meets a beautiful, sweet showgirl. She’s his biological daughter from a long-ago relationship with his first love in high school. But he doesn’t know that and neither does she. She ends up getting involved with a colleague of his. I thought it would be interesting to explore what happens to all of them, including the showgirl’s mother, as the relationship unfolds. And of course the father (Matt) ends up getting shot by the showgirl’s ex-boyfriend, who’s really aiming for her new boyfriend.  It’s wonderfully complicated.

Who is your favorite character?

Brandi, the mother of the showgirl whose name is Jen. As an eighteen-year-old girl, Brandi was engaged to Jen’s father, Matt, back in San Jose. But she leaves town with another guy four days before the wedding because of problems in her family and Matt’s. At the time she has no idea she’s pregnant. It’s really a tragic situation that sets the entire story in motion. Brandi is fragile but strong. I feel sorry for her and admire her at the same time.

What is your daily routine for writing entail?

I like to write from 8 A.M. to about 10:30, and then in the afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30. Just four or five hours a day, but it’s very concentrated and focused. Once I’m in front of the computer, I don’t move.

If you could change the book in any way, would you  and if so, how?

I wouldn’t change anything about Pop-Out Girl. I would have made changes to my first and second novels, but not this one. I’m sure there are flaws, but it all works.

Anything you would like to tell the world about this book?

Pop-Out Girl is an exciting novel with vivid characters and compelling storylines. It was hard to stop writing it, and I hope readers will find it hard to put down.


Thanks for answering my questions! :) 

Happy Reading!

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