Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading Wishlist

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are well. 

This week's TTT is about Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist.  You are encouraged to share what you wish you could see more books about. I am sure that if you read this blog regularly, then you will be able to predict these. :) 

So here we go...

1) Books where the animal doesnt have to pass away at the end (dog books, cat books, etc) I get that it is about reflecting and remembering, but it always makes me so sad!

2) More books about thru hiking! :) I love these, I can't get enough.

3) More memoirs. Just love when people tell their stories!

4) More graphic novels. It has grown, but I love to see them getting out the world! 

5) More books about rural locations! I grew up in a small town and I would love to see that expanded on.

What things do you wish you would see more of?

Happy Reading!