Book Promotion: Christmas Stories

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to be here to tell you about a holiday book that may be up your alley! Be sure to check it out.


Background about the book:
This is a book of seven short stories that are all told during the Christmas season.  Each character is taken on a journey that is magnified during this special and difficult time of year. In “Comfort and Joy” a high powered attorney faces the dilemma of “gaining the whole world and losing her soul.”    In “The Santa Suit,” a young boy has to stay with his grandfather during the Christmas season. He realizes his Mother and him have judged the man too harshly, as he gets to really know his grandpa from a different lens. “Angels in the Midst” is a supernatural story of an Angel who has forgotten his way and needs to find the truth before midnight on Christmas Eve.    “911” Finds Gloria Diamond a burnt out Home Coming Queen trying to stop blaming and making excuses for her lack of character and finds the strength to do something about it, by doing something for someone else.  “Lost in Florida” is a Christmas memory about a beloved brother.  “Sitting in my seat at the lounge in the airport I find something very mysterious about this out of place Christmas tree.” “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.” will tell you what it is.   Jessie Torres is heading for trouble with the law until he finds and “Unexpected Gift.”

Author bio: 
After years of being “followed around” by his characters, Kevin Moore decided to put them on paper and bring them to life. This is his first book. Kevin grew up in New York City among the magic New York creates at Christmas time and now lives in the City of Angels, which has its own magic. Moore had his play "Conversations From The Sports Arena performed at the HBO Theater in Hollywood.

Happy Reading!

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