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Monday, February 8, 2016

In addition, to the #Rainbowthon this week, I am teaming up with Novel Heartbeat to do another challenge, the #LBFReadathon. It may seem like a lot to do both, but I had a lot of fun with the wonderful ladies of Rainbowthon last year, so I really wanted to do it again. However, with this one I also really love the idea about celebrating my Love for Books!

This week, I hope to make some progress on some of my TBR stack. Here are the books, I am thinking of reading:

1) Arena
2) She's Not There
3) I Know What I am Doing
4) The Kitchen House

Are you participating in the challenge this year? What books are you reading?

Happy Reading! 

Monday 2/8 & Tuesday 2/9
Currently reading: Arena
Pages read today: 336 Pages
Books completed: 1
Comments: This book reminded me a little bit of Ready Player One. It was focused around video games and was an interesting read.

Wednesday 2/10 & Thursday 2/11
Currently reading: The Kitchen House
Comments:  I am listening to The Kitchen House as an audio book. The book is 12 hours on audio book. 

Friday 2/12 & Saturday 2/13 & Sunday 2/14
Currently reading: The Kitchen House
Comments: I finally finished this book!

SummaryTotal # pages read: 722 Pages
Books I completed: 2 This was the first time doing this readathon and I really enjoyed it! I enjoyed the two challenges and I thought it was well organized. I would have liked to have read a bit more, but with the #rainbowthon going on at the same time, I just did not have a chance.

Book Reviews:

In this book, Kali is a member of the Virtual Gaming League who participates in the RAGE tourneys. When her teammate, Nathan accidentally overdoses, her world turns up side down. As she tries to cope with it, she is introduced to Rooke the new team member. Rooke has a personality that is challenging for her to deal with. She is not sure that she likes being questioned as the captain. An interesting dynamic develops and it keeps you reading until the end. I first was interested in this book because it was sold to me as being for those who liked Ready Player One. While I can see the connection, it was different from that. I enjoyed the story and the characters none the less.

The Kitchen House
Wow, where do I start with this book? This book conjured up so many feelings for me at so many times. I recently received a copy of Glory Over Everything and having heard good things about The Kitchen House, I wanted to start there. The local library list for this book was long. However, I was able to get the audio book quickly. I am not sure if it was the hearing of the words, but wow this book was something else. There were parts that made you feel and feel deeply. The author writes in an authentic way and in a way that makes you get to know the characters. The plot was one that had twists and turns, but not in an overwhelming way. I felt the characters really come alive for me during this story. Very moving, well worth the read.

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