Readathon: #Rainbowthon Feb 7-14

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to be participating in the #rainbowthon read-athon again this year! Attached is a copy of the books that I plan to read during the event. Taking place Feb. 7-14th. I will be updating this post as I progress through each book. I am looking forward to it! 

Will you be participating?

Happy Reading! 


Day 1 Update:Today I did quite a bit of reading and even finished an entire book! That said, it was not a book I had identified for this readathon. It was The Leaving Season and 352 pages.

Day 2 and Day 3 Update: I have finished two of the books I set out to read for this readathon! Love, Fortunes and Other Disasters as well at the BSC #1 Graphic Novel. I enjoyed both books.

Day 4 Update: I am currently reading I'll Meet You There.

I enjoyed this readathon very much. In total, I read 1306 pages for this challenge. While I was not able to do as many of the reading sprints that I had done before, I still found the ones I did to be enjoyable. I also had two other books picked out that I wanted to read, but with the #LFBreadathon, I just did not get a chance. All in all though, as successful event.

BSC Book #1:  I loved the BSC as child and I wanted to read the graphic version. I enjoyed this very much. It was both a trip down memory lane and a reminder of the characters that I loved as a child. This story was an interesting one that reminded me a few nuances that I had forgotten. I love that I will have a chance to revisit these stories in a graphic format

Love, Fortunes, and Other Disasters: 
I read this book as part of the #RockMyTBR and #rainbowthon challenges. This book was provided to me by another book blogger and I read it as a buddy read with another blogger. In general, I enjoyed the book. I thought it took a little bit to get into right away, but once it did I enjoyed it. The book was whimsical and I appreciated the efforts that the characters went through to change their 'fortunes.' An interesting read.

The Leaving Season:
This is a book about Middie and her boyfriend/ soul mate, Nate. Nate decides that he is going to volunteer abroad for a year. When something bad happens, Middie is left having to cope with it. She turns to Lee, Nate's best friend. When doing so she learns more about herself. I don't want to create any spoilers here, so I am going to leave this review a little bit vague. I enjoyed the book. It went pretty much how I thought it would, but I realized that I like that. If it had gone the other way, I am not so sure I would have enjoyed it as much. I read it one sitting. 

I'll Meet You There: This book is about Skylar and the chaotic world around here. While she is planning to go away for school in Fall, she has one last summer to be near home. When doing so, she learns to cope with her mother and her job loss. When a person she used to know, Josh returns to her life, things get interesting. Josh is returning from the war and is different than he used to be. The book is one of self-discovery, love, and loss. An interesting read.

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