Book Review: Jelly Beans in Life

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Author: Sig Schmalhofer
Summary from Goodreads:

JELLY BEANS IN LIFE set in Reagan America 1987, cleverly integrates love, business, politics and gritty  determination into a smart, fun, fast pasted story that will  inspire you to discover the Jelly Beans in your life. Manor House Publishing: “This beautifully written  journey through Americana is a perfect companion whether in a lounge chair on a sunny day sipping a glass  of lemonade or curled up with a blanket sipping a cup of  coffee in front of a fireplace.”

Jelly Beans in Life…on relationships “Since women
were the biggest mystery in Larry’s life, he stared at the burger
in hopes that the secret to understanding women would be
revealed somewhere between the mustard and the pickle.”

Jelly Beans in Life… on politics “The much
anticipated Lake Mathias Town Hall Meeting… would not only
reveal the fate of the housing moratorium in a sleepy town, but
would also measure the political clout of Susan Schafer, a tenth
grade English teacher. This…controversy could… determine
the political future of a John Lennon loving, Corvette driving
democrat married to a Jelly Bean eating republican businessman 

with a square head and a ratchet ass.”

Jelly Beans in Life… on coffee “Ever since she met Mary,
Susan added a splash of milk to make her smile and a sprinkle of
sugar to make her sweet. Larry had not recognized Susan’s new
sweetness, but that was understandable. He was a man.

Personal Review:
I will be honest, I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I said I would review this book. What I ended up getting was a book full of stories about all sorts of topics. This book was written in a friendly way, jammed packed with alot of little points here and there.

I think the most compelling part of the book for me was that there is alot of honesty in each story. Sometimes you read things that make you think, wow I have never thought of it like that before or that makes sense. Other times, it was harder for me to relate but it was still entertaining.

I appreciated the opportunity to read this book. Thank you.

 Disclaimer: I was awarded this book from the author. Though I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.

Happy Reading!

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