Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hi Everyone! 

Just stopping by with another Top Ten Tuesday!  This week's topic is Top Ten Tuesday is one in which you get to talk about Fall TV Shows! I know we book bloggers love our books, but sometimes seeing that story play out another format is just as good. Without further do, here are the shows that I am looking forward to...

1) Quantico-Sept 25th
Set up just the road from me, this one follows a team of FBI agents as they try to solve crime around them. It is an interesting story and I like when they flash to DC scenes.

2) Big Bang Theory-Sept 19th
Season 10 will be coming back this Fall. I am only through Season 8, so please don't give me any spoilers. I have been watching this one through Netflix, but Season 9 doesnt release until September.

3) How To Get Away With Murder-Sept 22nd
I enjoyed Season 1 of this show. I kept watching. It has its ups and downs for me, but I find it interesting. I think partially because I like seeing Paris (Liza Weil) and since it is set on campus sometimes, I like that too.

4) The Middle -October 11th
This one reminds me of growing up in the Midwest. I also like the fact that it is short.

5) IZombie
Can anyone say Rob Thomas? Yes, please. I have loved his writing since Veronica Mars and this one is alot of fun. Stories are silly, but the one liners. Yes, please!

6) Gilmore Girls Revival-Nov. 25th

I am soooo, soooo, soooo, excited! This is what I have been waiting for!! This is my favorite show and I am so glad that we get more episodes!

In case you are interested, I am hosting a readathon actually based on getting ready for this! :) I hope you will join us! All you have to do is read 4 books before November 25th and you can win a prize! Open both US and International.

New To Me
7) This is Us-September 20th
I dont know much, but the trailer makes it look intriguing.

8) A Good Place-Sept 19th
Kristen Bell? Yes, please! I am excited to give us a whirl!

Looks Like I will have to wait til Winter
9) Scandal
Again, set in DC...:)

10) Nashville
Even thought it won't be on ABC anymore, it sounds like CMT has picked it up for awhile.

What shows are you looking forward to?


  1. I'm super excited for the Gilmore Girls revamp! I can't wait!
    My Top Ten

    1. :) It is going to be amazing! Get here Nov. 25th. :)

  2. How To Get Away With Murder is so good that I binge-watched season 1 a few months ago. I'm excited about the 3rd season too!
    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday.

  3. Yes, Big Bang Theory and HTGAWM! Nice picks!

  4. I need to catch up on How to Get Away With Murder and Quantico! I've been debating watching iZombie but I've seen it on a couple lists today so I may give it a go.

    My TTT

  5. I still need to watch the second half of season 2 of iZombie - it's so good!

    Check out my TTT.

  6. Great list! I am also excited for This is Us and Gilmore Girls - can't wait! I need to get caught up with HTGAWM...I hear it got really good!

  7. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with those Gilmore Girls.
    Gonna check out your readathon

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  9. this list is amazing i always wanted to watch all of them but unfortunately haven't done that check Top 7 Best Longest Running Tv Show