#CountdowntilGG (Gilmore Girls Readathon) Check Post #1

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with the first check in post regarding the Gilmore Girls Readathon! How has the first month of reading been going? Just want to leave a comment below with how you are doing or link me back to your blog post to let me know!

Here is my progress so far:

I have tried to pick books of the list of books that are mentioned in the TV show and so far I have read the following:

Rory-The Outsiders. This is in reference to when she calls herself Pony Boy.
Luke-How The Grinch Stole Christmas-How sometimes Luke a grinch, but sometimes his heart swells too.
Dave-Tuesdays with Morrie. A religious book for a religious guy :)
Christopher-Goldilocks and the 3 bears-Because it seems like he is never content.
Cinnamon the Cat-Stuart Little. Because he is a mouse and I just thought it seemed fitting :)

How is your reading going? Let me know!

Happy Reading!


  1. Hi! You already got a Bingo! Good job, Valerie! Here's my progress so far for the Bingo:

    Kirk- Little Nothing by Marisa Silver. It's an odd book for an odd guy. The main character is constantly transforming and I feel Kirk is a jack-of-all trades guy who is changing jobs all the time throughout the show.

    Dean- Delirium by Lauren Oliver. He obviously becomes delirious about Rory. He seems to be in love with her since the beginning and their each other's first love. He breaks some ethical rules to be with her.

    Christopher- The Beginning Woods by Malcolm McNeill. Christopher is like a child in my opinion. He is always trying to do something right, but in his selfishness he can't go through with it. He keeps going back to Lorelai and Sheryl to try again.

    I also read Winter's Bone during the past month, but it seems too dark and gritty for GG characters, lol.


    1. Woohoo! Awesome job :) I love seeing what ideas you came up with for what characters. Keep up the great work and thanks for checking in!