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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by with a couple of mini reviews on the books that I have been reading lately. :)

Firefly Lane
This is the story of two best friends who meet when they are very young. The book follows the two through the ups and downs of their lives. The book was an interesting read. For those of you who enjoy Gossip Girl, the best friends have a very Serena/Blair relationship. I don't want to give away too much without spoiling it.

Paris Nights: My Year at the Moulin Rouge
This book is written by Cliff Simon who was born in South Africa. More information can be found here: Not only do we get some insight about Cliff’s early life in South Africa in this book, we also get to hear about his experiences and his love for dancing at the Moulin Rouge in France. While doing so, we hear about his love for the city and love for the work he is doing. Ultimately though it is the love of a woman who settles Cliff down and their story. I enjoyed this book and developed a deeper understanding of the infamous location, what conflicts are in South Africa and Cliff’s life. An interesting read.

Eleanor and Hick
An insider's look at Eleanor Roosevelt and the relationship with her dear friend, Hick. Hick came to live with her and FDR at the White House. Some speculated that there was more to their relationship than friendship. It was an interesting read.

The Island House
The latest book by the talented Nancy Thayer. This is a book about Courtney, who returns to the Island for one more summer. She has returned to discover if James really has feelings for her or not. Though her 'island family' is more complicated then it appears, the summer takes on a series of events that reveals secrets and helps them realize the significance that they all have on one another. An interesting read.  

Stars So Sweet
In the end to the trilogy, we finally get to find out how Gladys will tell her parents her secret. When her aunt comes to town, she finds comfort in having her assistance. I enjoyed this series and I was happy to get resolution to the story. I really appreciated these books. 

Lily and the Octopus
Oh my goodness. This book was something else. As someone who is a dog mom and my fur babies are my kids this one hit me hard. The book was very well written, but it made me cry. I enjoyed the story and I am so glad that the author had a chance to write this all down. This book is not for the faint of heart. 

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

Happy Reading!

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