Review: Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Today I am stopping by with a slightly different post than normal. I am stopping by with a review of a game that I got recently. This game is called Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers.

I first picked up the game because it seemed like a fun group game that could be played for a game night. The game itself says that it must have at least three players. This is how I played the game. I have to say that I think having more people could be beneficial because you can feed off the other people's energy and ideas.

I really like the layout of the game and the instructions. The game seems pretty straight forward, now you just have to think on your feet. The witty-er the better when it comes to this game!

I liked that the packaging is small and concise. It gives you an easy way to transport the game and take to events where there will be lots of people. I also like that you can create 'mystery surprise gifts' to give away as the prizes. The rules have all sorts of ideas and it seems like a silly/fun way to move things out of your house if you want.

All in all, I have to say that I enjoyed this game. I appreciated the chance to mix it up a bit. Thank you Blogging for Books for providing me this opportunity. While I was provided a copy of this game, all opinions are my own.

Happy Gaming! :)

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