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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Your Heart and Soul to Unconditional Love
By Master Francisco Quintero
Co-author of Greatest Love – How to Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with Unconditional Love

During these tumultuous times, there are deep concerns about the future. We are experiencing the effects of climate change and facing conflicts and challenges on many levels. As we look for solutions, ancient wisdom is an invaluable resource to help us solve the problems in our lives and the world. A scientific approach without a spiritual dimension is not enough. It is crucial for us to address our inner problems in order to change the outer world. 
In Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes with the Power of Unconditional Love, my teacher Master Zhi Gang Sha and I share the essence of sacred wisdom and simple but profound and powerful practices that anyone can do to access the power of the greatest love to transform their lives. Master Zhi Gang Sha clearly states, “Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.” This is the key message of our book. The greatest love, unconditional love, has no limits or boundaries. We can all connect to this pure, unending universal love.  
Whatever is holding us back in life can be released through unconditional love. Our problems stem from the lack of alignment with this universal love and from the conflicts within ourselves. When our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies are in internal conflict and not joined as one, we can become ill and face all sorts of challenges. Bringing balance and harmony to our inner selves through a daily practice of connecting with unconditional love can help us break through anything that is preventing us from living truly fulfilling lives. The blessings and benefits we can receive with the power of unconditional love are limitless. 
Ancient wisdom states, “The Big Universe and the human being join as one.” The significance of this is our true interconnectedness on physical and spiritual levels. Physics now teaches us that everyone and everything has a frequency and vibration. When we raise our frequency to the level of unconditional love, we can leave behind the things that are blocking us from realizing our true potential. We can get into alignment with the universe and spread love, peace, and harmony to the world. 
How can we connect with the power of unconditional love? Through dedicating ourselves to a daily practice to remove our negative mindsets and emotions that hold us back from rising to a higher level and frequency. Science has provided evidence of the great benefits of meditation and mindfulness. The potential of mind over matter has been shown to have excellent results. In our teachings we add another dimension: the power of soul and soul over matter. By connecting to the deepest messages in our souls, we can bring balance and harmony between soul, heart, mind, and body and clear away any blocks to living to our fullest.  In our book. we take you step-by-step through a special Five Power Technique. Through using body power, soul power, mind power, sound power, and the revolutionary new technique of Tao Calligraphy all together, you can clear away whatever is holding you back and mobilize yourself to live with the power of unconditional love.  Through a daily practice, you can overcome feelings of anger, sadness, lack of confidence, or whatever is blocking you from living freely. Practice and connect with unconditional love daily, you can redirect your life and, over time, become suffused with greatest love. 
Master Sha, the creator of Tao Calligraphy, a unique form of Oneness writing that carries the highest frequency and vibration of the soul, heart, mind, and body of the Ten Greatest Qualities that we all have the potential to embody: Greatest Love, Greatest Forgiveness, Greatest Compassion, Greatest Light, Greatest Humility, Greatest Harmony, Greatest Flourishing, Greatest Gratitude, Greatest Service, and Greatest Enlightenment. Anyone can trace or write these Tao Calligraphies and connect with these higher frequencies that bless and bring soul, heart, mind, and body together into harmony and balance. Stories of the benefits of practicing with Tao Calligraphy are remarkable and moving. A mother recovers from a lifetime of grief over the loss of a young child and experiences love and joy in life again. A successful businessman takes his company to far greater levels and, inspired, goes on to trace Tao Calligraphy to bring harmony to his family relationships. A depressed and anxious teenager emerges from isolation and starts to participate in life more fully. A couple on the verge of divorce rediscover love and reconcile. As this ancient wisdom teaches, we can all connect with our souls and the highest messages to remove blocks in our lives, become happier and healthier, and more able to help others and the world. 
Here is a practice for you to try. While saying the words below, you can also put the fingers of one hand together and trace the Greatest Love calligraphy on the cover image of the book:
Soul Power
Dear Divine and Tao Source and all spiritual fathers and mothers.  I love you and honor you.
Please send the Greatest Love into my heart. 
Please bless my soul, heart, mind, and body with the Greatest Love. 
Dear soul, heart, mind and body of the Tao Calligraphy Greatest Love. I love you and honor you. 
Please bless my soul, heart, mind, and body with the Greatest Love. 
Mind Power: 
Visualize the beautiful, pure light of Greatest Love filling you with the Greatest Love.
Sound Power:
Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Da Ai
Da Ai
Da Ai 
Da Ai
Tracing Power:
Trace the Greatest Love (Da Ai) calligraphy.
When you add a forgiveness practice every day, you clear the path for the Greatest Love to enter your heart and soul:
I deeply apologize for all the mistakes my ancestors and I have made in all lifetimes. I forgive everyone and their ancestors for all the mistakes they have made in all lifetimes. To apologize is not enough. I will serve to make others happier and healthier.  
As Master Sha says, “If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it.” If you want to know if this wisdom and these practices will clear away obstacles to living your best life, try them. Experience the extraordinary transformative power of unconditional love for living a flourishing life. 

Author Bio:
Master Francisco Quintero is the co-author of Greatest Love (BenBella Books). He is a Certified Master Teacher trained by renowned spiritual teacher and humanitarian Master Zhi Gang Sha, and the author of Divine Joy: How to Find Joy in Daily Life. A leading teacher at the Tao Academy™, Master Francisco has developed training programs worldwide. With his expertise, wisdom, and knowledge, he has assisted in training over 6,000 soul practitioners and teachers around the world. For more information, please visit and follow the author on Twitter.

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