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Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be here today to bring you a guest post from Lauren Holder. She has a book out called Why Not Now and I am happy to feature her here! Please help me by giving her a warm welcome.


Book title: Why Not Now: Create the Success and Happiness You Deserve
Author: Lauren Holder

“That’s funny! I don’t think so.”  That’s exactly what I said to people telling me to write a book. I was speaking to groups about taking responsibility for their lives and teaching them how to create positive change, and after each event, a line of people would wait to thank me. The breakthroughs they experienced varied but all were very powerful. Speaking in public was a stretch for me, but a book seemed impossible. I’m not a writer, I’m a coach. I struggled to stay consistent on my blog and the idea of writing a book, especially one that shared my darkest times, scared the heck out of me. As a coach, my mission is to empower and support people through personal and business transformations, and sharing my story and lessons learned did that. How could I say no?

I knew I needed help. I was referred to a creative content editor who agreed to coach me through the  process. Game on! I was going to write a book. I’ve been a coach for ten years and I’ve worked with my own coaches for the same. I’ve done a lot of personal development and I can tell you by far, writing this book was the most intense personal growth I’ve ever experienced. I went back in time, sharing experiences I’d just assume forget. Getting back into the victim role I lived in for the first three decades of my life wreaked havoc in my present life. But I didn’t want to just share words, I wanted the reader to experience what I felt. I shared the three belief systems that kept me in the victim mindset, unwilling to accept responsibility for what wasn’t right in life. I talked about superpowers, how some are supportive, and others hold us back. Finally I shared an event that changed my life forever.

In 2004, seven days after delivering my son, I was told by doctors to make final preparations. I was in liver and kidney failure and they weren’t sure I’d make it through the night. To live this once was horrible. To live it again in such detail through the writing process was brutal. It was also a gift. It was a reminder to me how powerful I am. After being told I’d likely not make it through the night, I experienced a deep, gut wrenching regret I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Luckily, I also experienced a wake-up call that pushed me to fight for my life.

As difficult as it was to relive the hard times, writing the book allowed me to experience again, the process that saved my life and empowered me to become the positive and successful woman I am today. As I shared The 2x4 Effect, the five steps I took to save my life, I became rejuvenated and even more excited about my future than I was before. I realized why so many had recommended I write this book. They were right! I’d experienced a personal transformation after my life changing event and had been helping others do the same. It was strange and quite cool to learn from myself as I wrote Why Not Now. It’s even more amazing to know I will touch so many more lives with this book than I would without it. Final thought: You never know what you can accomplish until you really commit.

What a powerful story! Thank you for sharing with us! :) 


Lauren Holder  is a certified Life Coach, practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, and a member of the International Coach Federation. Through personal and group coaching, workshops, and public speaking, Lauren has inspired and led thousands of people through life-changing transformations. She has coached CEOs, small business owners, teams, and individuals with impressive results, including increased revenue, better team efficiency, improved work/life balance, and the creation of new businesses. 

Happy Reading!

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