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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Stopping by today to share with you an excerpt about a new book that may be of interest to you! :)



A Loving Guide to Your Soul’s Evolution

As the ancient scriptures say, “In the beginning, there was the Word.”

This is a perfect way to describe my journey as an intuitive. I would find myself mentally resting in an open, blank space with the excitement of a child ready to open presents on Christmas morning. When the time was right, out of nowhere, words spoke through me as spontaneous streams of inspired wisdom. No matter how flawlessly it always worked out, each and every time, it always felt like I was standing at the threshold of one of life’s most suspenseful and exhilarating encounters, supplied only with the clear impulse of each instinct and an irrefutable will to serve the well-being of every heart—often with just one auspicious hour to radically transform the life of someone I’d never met.

This has been the vivid testimony of my daily experience that I have been so blessed to explore over the past 14 years. Since following an instinct to walk out of college one crisp November afternoon, when I boldly declared the Universe my university of higher learning, I have been guided by an irrefutable force of inner knowing. It’s an immaculate flow of insight that has used each of my personal experiences to be the teacher, empath, and intuitive healer that I never knew I was destined to become.

It always felt ironic to be a spontaneous source of clarity for others and yet totally in the dark as to where my own life was headed. In a journey that often feels like it began just yesterday, more than 13,000 healing sessions later I have become keenly familiar with how the spiritual path ebbs and flows, from one level of expansion to the next. It has provided me with a lengthy examination to understand why people who often begin a spiritual journey fail to find the true relief, unwavering peace, existential joy, and profound clarity that is here to be uncovered.

Throughout each session, I would listen with captivated interest to the feedback each person offered about various paths, transformational processes, healing modalities, and mystical approaches. It was as if the Universe was teaching me the ins and outs of an old spiritual paradigm I was here to help transform.

I remember so often hearing people talk about specific stumbling blocks or moments of confusion from their initial spiritual paths, and on the inside, most of it didn’t make any bit of sense. If it weren’t for the cascading stream of clarity that ran through my mind in response to any question or concern, I’d probably just sit across from each person in complete awe and disbelief.

As their questions and my intuitive responses provided a necessary dialogue to bring me up to speed on how most people pursued the healing, awakening, and transformation of reality, I began noticing themes emerging that revealed cracks throughout a crumbling, outdated, spiritual paradigm. This inspired an insatiable desire to provide each human being with the profound spiritual experiences I had been encountering throughout my life.

While a spiritual journey has always been a fundamental transition from ego to soul, I began to see how those in search of truth weren’t necessarily exploring it from the soul’s perspective. Instead, many facets of inner growth were explored from the ego’s point of view. In my first book, Whatever Arises, Love That, I explained the nature of ego as the imaginary identity of an overstimulated nervous system. Such patterns of overstimulation get created in our early years of development by subconsciously believing we will be more liked by others if we are more like others. This creates a psychological cocoon of human conditioning for the soul to inhabit until it is ready to awaken and expand into the light of its highest potential. Suffice it to say, the ego is the limiting beliefs, self-defeating choices, and narrow viewpoints of dormant consciousness. As consciousness begins waking up, limiting beliefs dissolve, self-defeating choices no longer resonate, and narrow viewpoints are exchanged for more expansive perspectives.

The purpose of our evolution is to shift out of ego and into the brightness of the soul, but it is often misconstrued when we are under the impression that ego and soul are separate. While the ego and soul can exist as two different experiences, they are both aspects of an omnipresent Source of Divine Intelligence.

Such a truth highlights the interconnectedness of the Universe that unites all things as one, no matter how separate they seem or how much distance exists between them. While the ego is the soul in its most dormant state of incubation, the soul is a fully embodied expression of Source energy. Between these two aspects, a spiritual journey unfolds.

In order for a spiritual journey to offer the most rewarding experiences, the question remains: Is it being explored from the ego or from the soul’s perspective?

If one pursues spiritual growth from the standpoint of ego, they are bound to remain in ego, no matter how much inner work they complete. If one learns how to evolve from the soul’s perspective, more vivid experiences of life can occur. Since the soul is a conscious expression of Source energy, it resonates with a depth of clarity that is as harmonious, inclusive, and kind as it is direct, effective, and potent.

Thank you Matt for sharing with us!

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