Guest Post with Ketley Allison

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to be here today to bring you a guest post from Ketley Allison. Please give a warm welcome!

I started out writing stories when I was really young, and when I was that age, I only wanted to write about romance. Prince Charming, Princesses, castles and superheroes, true love and soulmates conquering all.

But, as my life was lived, my happily ever afters acquired more twists and turns. It was the unrequited high school crush that started it—realizing that HEAs were a lot harder to gain in life than on paper. As days turned into years, so did I understand real-life situations better. And, as fiction, those situations become amplified and dramatic, with more what if’s inserted than what will be.

This is the driving force behind To Have and to Hold. A love story? Sure. A hero-rescue romance? Yep. But does my main character need a hero, or can she be her own? Do we lose chances at love more than we respect them? Emme and Spencer had true love years ago. They even became engaged. But then, you guessed it, life happened, and they separated. But that was where I could get creative and begin adding fiction. What if Emme was kidnapped? What if Spence was in a position where he had the information to save her? What if he didn’t come in time, meaning Emme had to figure out escape on her own?

I’ve learned the what ifs in stories are the magical parts, and they come from my own life lessons. Starting off with a basic concept, true love, and twisting and morphing that until you can come up with your own unique plot is the driving force behind most authors, and especially me. I’ve garnered experience, but most importantly, I’ve had more time to witness chances. To create character destinies through questions.

In TH&TH, I hope you can jump into this adventure and discover Spence and Emme’s fate, but see if theirs in any way aligns with your own. Because, in essence, I pull from reality and actual people in order to breathe life into my stories.

This newest novel of mine is darker than my previous, but that’s because I’ve been thrown a few curve balls in reality myself. It helps to cope by weaving those moments into my characters and discovering how they handle the harder situations.

Thank you so much for having me,  Valerie! It truly was a pleasure to write this post for you.

Thanks for the post! :) 

Happy Reading!

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