Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Stopping by with a couple of mini reviews.

When: The Scientific Research of Perfect Timing
I have always enjoyed Daniel Pink and his books. They make me think and wonder how I can be better and do more in my days. This one was no different. I enjoyed this book.

Leah on the Offbeat
The new Love, Simon! I was happy to be reunited with these guys and to find how things have been going. I kept seeing this one play out as a movie. Hope it ends up that way!

Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World
This was so filled with so much emotion. I enjoyed it, but my heart felt a million different things for Ivy. What an interesting time for her. A good, cute read.


My niece recommended this one to me. It was a take on a perspective that I have not had much exposure to before. I know this one was recently made a movie, may have to check that out soon.

What a powerful book! I enjoyed this one and the author's vulnerability about everything that has happened in her life. For those of you who are interested in memoirs or education, you may wish to pick this up.

Surprise Me
This was okay. I didnt love it like I do some of other Sophie's books, but I didn't hate it either. I thought the characters were full of life and ideas on how to surprise your significant other. An interesting book.

Happy Reading!

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