Book Review: Big Little Lies

Monday, May 18, 2015

Author: Liane Moriarty

Summary from Goodreads: Three women, three different lives, that take an unexpected journey that soon overlaps. The story is one that immediately gets your attention and demands that you turn the next page to find out what happens. Part gossip, part scandal, part secrets-anyone who enjoys reading about these topics should check out this book!

I enjoyed reading this book. More can be found on my blog

Personal Review:
I picked up this book based off a reading bingo card I needed to complete. The two categories it fit were ‘a book from the Southern Hemisphere’ and ‘a book set in a country other than your own.’ Thankfully for me Australia fit both! I have heard some good things about the author Liane Moriarty, but have not had a chance to read any of her books until now. Rumor has it that this is also going to be part of a TV series starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.


The book was one that I divulged in the course of a night and early the next day. It grabbed my attention and did not let go. I wanted to know what really happened in the school yard that day, what would be final outcome for Celeste and her family, and to know how the women’s lives would overlap.  It’s interesting to think about the ways in which we portray our own lives to keep secrets, but how you can change when they are exposed.

A good book, worth the read!
Happy Reading!

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