Book Review: The Yellow Winged Stranger

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Author: Imran Usman

Summary from Goodreads: An intellectual thriller with murder mystery twist, this book follows the details related to a killing spree. The author uses a variety of writing styles throughout the book to offer insights and perspectives about the lives of those impacted by the serial killer. A quick read with significant symbolism embedded throughout.  Disclaimer: I was contacted by this author directly on Good Reads. He provided me a copy of the book for my review.

Personal Review:
This book was not my typical read. I don’t read a lot of mystery thrillers. However, I am trying to expand what I am exposed to, so when the author asked if I would read it, I said sure. 

You can tell that the author is a deep thinker, very intellectual. There are quotes and phrases throughout the book that makes me believe that his thought processes are very involved. This is a positive for the book! For example, page 135 of the book discusses how 'every person has a story to tell.' This is great insight and really helps you to know the characters thoughts.   

The one part that was hard for me is the back and forth of the various stories. I liked that it was included, but the flow sometimes made me feel a little lost. Since it was often about different people, the switch confused me a couple of times. In the end, it all became a lot clearer. I did appreciate that I got to know the story from multiple perspectives.  I thought it was a good read that I would have probably not tried out otherwise. Thanks for giving me the chance to try it!  

Happy Reading!

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