Book Review: Coming of Age in America

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Author: Mary Waters, Patrick Carr, Maria Kefalas, and Jennifer Holdaway

Summary from Goodreads:
This book offers insight into the transition into adulthood in the world that we live today. This book outlines four different places to discuss those experiences. The authors interviewed people from around the areas to learn about patterns as students make this transition.

Personal Review:  
I enjoyed this book. I picked it up because a couple of the authors wrote, Hollowing Out the Middle, which discusses rural issues. I loved that story and I thought this might be an interesting as well. I was right. Though I didn’t love it quite as much, it was still interesting research that they conducted.

I enjoyed seeing what the research said about work, marriage, becoming a parent and the lives of the young people from such diverse areas. It was especially interesting to see the differences between rural Iowa and St. Paul, MN.  Even more contrast was noted between NYC and San Diego.

I appreciated the ideas shared in this book.

Happy Reading!

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