Book Review: Sounds Like Me

Monday, November 2, 2015

Author: Sara Bareilles

Summary from Goodreads: This is a book about the singer, Sara Bareilles and the songs she has created so far. In each of eight short stories, Sara shares with the reader about the song and how she has become the person that she is today. An interesting book.  

Personal Review:
I enjoyed this book.  I find it interesting to know the back stories behind the various parties who perform for other people. What is that they use to find motivation, where do those song lyrics come from. This book was able to help know how Sara Bareilles has been able to do that.

In the book, I learned much more about her as a person. There were a number of times when I just stopped and said, oh I didn’t know that. Sometimes you think that you know about an artist, when in reality you know very little.

An interesting read.
Happy Reading!
PS. I forgot to mention last month that I was able to complete the #15in31 (15 books in 31 day challenge!)

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