Top Ten Bookish Things I am Thankful For This Year

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and to link up, I have created a list of ‘Bookish Things’ I am really thankful for this year! 

In no particular order….
Teachers-When I was in the first grade my teacher would read to us every day. It made me want to be a good reader and go along on adventures to all of the places they would go in the stories I read. Thank you to those of you who read to young people.

Authors-When I was young, books like the Babysitter’s Club, Goosebumps, the Boxcar Children-they gave me so much hope and something to look forward to. I loved the thrill of what would happen next in a story.

Book Bloggers-You guys rock! Seriously. I never thought that I would start a blog of my own or that I would have such a community to be apart of. I love reading your reviews and suggestions. I love when you can link up with others.

Cute bookmarks-Seriously, I didn’t really plan on collecting any of them, but now that I look I have a pretty sizable stack. Thanks for people being passionate about causes or just willing to put a cute face out there to mark my page.

Book Tube community-I will not be posting videos anytime soon but it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy listening to those that do! I love the inspiration and excitement when you go through your book hauls. Thanks for making reading entertaining.

Read Sessions-Thanks for those of you who host read-a-thons and share about them! I love joining in the fun of reading with other people. I have had a lot of fun doing a few different ones this year!

Book Events-I love book signings and last year Book Con was a blast. I am excited to go again this year! Especially because Ann M. Martin is going to be there. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Publishers-Thank you for finding new books for me to love. Thanks for taking a chance on new authors and helping to get the books out to the readers!

Good Reads-I have been very fortunate for the number of books that I have ‘won’ this year. I am surprised and thankful. Thanks for having a system that allows me to keep my books organized.

And Finally…
Libraries-Probably my favorite places in the entire world. I love that I can go to you and borrow books for free! What an awesome thought. 

So to each of you-thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy Reading!


  1. Just wanted to comment on the fact that I love your blog name! Its clever and having to pick books or a guy would be a very tough decision for me as well lol. But.. like you, books would probably win out haha.

    Great list. All the best to you.

  2. :) Thanks Melissa! I appreciate you stopping by!!