Weekend Recap

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to stop by quick with another reading recap from this weekend. I enjoyed a long Thanksgiving Weekend that gave me ample time to read. Yay!  

Here are the highlights: 

The Gratitude Diaries
In this book, Janice shares with her readers the ways in which she works to infuse gratitude into her life over the course of a year. She shares her experiences in doing so, the effects, and research that she discovers on the topic. If you liked the Happiness Project, you probably will enjoy this book.

Ms. Marvel

A short entry into this comic series. I enjoyed it. I have to say that I haven’t done much with the Marvel adventures, so I felt a little lost at times. The action was there and I enjoyed the story.

Plain Janes
This was recommended to me by Good Reads based off some of my other reads. The book follows the ‘Janes’ and their P.L.A.I.N Project. I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the next one!

A Year Without a Purchase
Another memoir type story. This time it was about keeping track of what you own and making do without the extra in your life. This book was an entertaining read with a good message. There are some religious tones to it for those that take note of it. I enjoyed the story and the adventure that the family experienced to live this out.

The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy
This book was an informational read about the different fandoms that exist for geek girls. I enjoyed the story and learned a lot. I don’t follow any one particular fandom, but it was interesting to see the particular types. As with anything, there are a lot of terms and places that you can go to get additional information about your interests.

Reasons to Love a Nerd Like Me
The author of this book was offering a free copy on twitter, so I said that I would try it out. (Thank you!) I did and I enjoyed it. The book follows Scott and his friend Olive. Scott is bullied and dealing with some personal issues related to who he is. I liked the writing, though there were a few vulgarities every now and again. I appreciate the messages that are included in this book.

What did you guys read over the weekend?

Happy Reading!

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