Weekend Recap

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Last week was a very busy week for me so I did not have much of a chance to do as much reading as I would have liked. However, I was able to finish three books, so I wanted to stop by with a quick update.

Here are the highlights:

Another graphic novel by the talented Noelle Stevenson. In this book, Nimona is a ‘shape-shifter’ who goes along on many adventures with Lord Blackheart. They experience a variety of antics that help showcase the light that drives Nimona, both now and in her past. A story with a lot of adventure and wonderful graphics, I enjoyed this very much.

I won a copy of this on Good Reads and I am so glad that I did! I loved the story and how it all unfolds. The first story follows Brielle, who was abandoned and as a result is trying to make sense of the world around her. The second part is the story Sarai and her survival in the most extreme situations. When the twos paths overlap, we find an interesting story with a plot that I don’t want to spoil for the reader. I appreciated that my book was signed and also came with a nice bookmark. Thanks for offering me the chance to read and review this one!   

Princesses Behaving Badly
I received an e-book of this one from Quirk Books for Quirksgiving, but opted to listen to it as an audio book and I am glad I did. This book highlights the fascination that society has with the princesses and then recaps stories of those real life princesses that aren’t what we imagined. Some stories were a bit graphic, but all interesting. I enjoyed the concept of this book and the history that went along with it.

What did you guys read over the weekend? 

Happy Reading!

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