Book Review: Your No Fear Career

Friday, August 25, 2017

In celebration of Bout of Books, here is a review for the Friday schedule!

Author: Robin Fisher Roffer
Summary from Goodreads:


Business can be alluring, but like the jellyfish it can also sting. There are demanding clients, bosses who bully, conniving competitors, and people who like to play politics. It seems that fear, mistrust, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed run through the veins of business leaders at every level.

In her third book, Robin Fisher Roffer reveals the secret to navigating your career fearlessly. With lessons learned from inside the walls of the world's largest media companies, Robin inspires rising executives, business owners and those just starting out to courageously move forward and move up in the face of uncertainty.


Brand strategist and storyteller, Robin Fisher Roffer provides the rocket fuel that has launched and evolved dozens of media brands all over the world including A&E, Animal Planet, AMC, Bloomberg, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, FX, History, Lifetime and MTV.

Inspiring executives to embrace change and reach their highest potential, Robin keynotes conferences and leads workshops at powerhouse companies like AIG, FOX, Sony Pictures, Walmart, Mattel, and Microsoft, where she unites teams and galvanizes brands behind an authentic mission, vision and narrative.

In addition to Your No Fear Career, Robin is the author of Make a Name For Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water, and Reinventing Yourself. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she hikes daily, cooks for friends and raises her daughter Roxy.

Personal Review:
Have you ever wanted to work smarter not harder? Then this may be the book for you. This book was full of ideas about how to make an impact in the work place. I very much appreciated the easy to read nature of this book and it certainly got me thinking!

I think the thing that I liked best about this book was that the author talked from her own experience. She speaks about it from a perspective unique to her and her experiences.

I appreciated the opportunity to read this book! Thank you.

Disclaimer: I was awarded this book. Though I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.
Happy Reading!

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