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Friday, August 4, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am super excited to be here today with a special guest post from author, Aimee Brown today! :) I hope that you will check out her book Little Gray Dress.  Happy Reading!


In a past life, I was a wedding planner.
By Aimee Brown
I’m obsessed with weddings. Just about every movie I adore has a wedding in it of some sort. I watch far too many wedding shows on TLC. I’ve seen every single episode of David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings, multiple times. I can even predict the dress a bride will choose without ever being wrong on just about every wedding show. Back in the day, I watched hours of that show ‘A Wedding Story.’ It was just so heartwarming and fairytale like. I just can not get enough weddings.
I’ve decided it must be something born into me. I myself didn’t have a big wedding. I’ve never tried on a wedding dress or gone cake tasting (well, with my best friend I did, but never for myself). I didn’t get to pick the ugly bridesmaid dresses, actually, I didn’t even pick bridesmaids. I don’t have any personal experience with planning my own wedding. I do think that if I had to have a career change, I could consider wedding planning and have a blast.
Maybe that’s the obsession though? Maybe because I didn’t have any of that myself, I enjoy finding it through others. Weddings are romantic, gorgeous and normally a lot of fun. I’m not an expert as I’ve been to more weddings as a child than I have as an adult, but I feel like I could plan a hell of a wedding in real life. I’ve only ever even been a bridesmaid once in my entire life, but I’ve read enough about the relationship of bride and bridesmaids that I feel I could do a lot of good as the mediator between the two.
That could be it. Maybe my inspiration for writing a wedding-themed book is my subconscious way of creating a memory of an event I long for? If I overthink it just right that sound perfectly plausible.
Would it be totally weird if I went to a bridal shop and tried on dresses, even though I was married twenty years ago? I could always lie and say I’m planning for the big day and use it as research for another novel. Actually… that’s not a bad idea. My husband will love it when I announce this idea.

Little Gray Dress has multiple weddings involved. One of my favorite parts was planning each of these weddings. Pinterest is an easy wedding hole to fall into. I think in each wedding in the book there is a piece of me, something I would choose or want for my own wedding. Considering I got married in the 90’s you should be glad that I have chosen more classic themes that the one I wanted way back then. It seems that nobody wants Boys II Men to sing at their reception anymore…?
I guess what I’m trying to say is that my obsession with weddings is what sparked Little Gray Dress. Besides knowing that I wanted to write a book that I’d love, I also always kind of knew a wedding would be involved. Did I know this many weddings, engagements or break-ups would be involved? No. But I’m so happy with where it went and how things happened.
I wouldn’t at all be surprised if most of my books involve some sort of wedding. Maybe it’ll be my theme, and I’ll become known as the wedding writer. As Jennifer Lopez says in The Wedding Planner – those who can’t wed, plan. (although mine would probably be, those who don’t have a wedding, write them)

Thanks Aimee!!

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