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Friday, August 11, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile since I have done a reading recap, so I wanted to share a couple of quick mini reviews for books I have been reading.

Lara Jean #3
This was the 3rd book in the series and I really enjoyed it! I was happy to be reunited with these guys and I have learned that they are making the first one into a movie. An interesting series, I am excited to see it come to life!

The Names They Gave Us
I love Emery Lord. Another wonderful book from her! This book has alot of heart and I can tell that the characters were deeply impacted by what was going on around them. I enjoyed it.

The Book of Joy
In this book, two spiritual leaders come together to share views on Joy. There were many moving passages in this book. I really enjoyed the multiple perspectives and especially when they overlapped.

A Monster Calls

A moving, powerful book. I can finally understand what everyone has been talking about. This book was sometimes hard to read, but the story is deeply important.

The Identicals

Elin's newest book! I really enjoyed this book. I liked hearing the comparison to Martha's vineyard and the plot of the twins throughout. A great summer edition!

Zenn Diagram
A cute contemp romance about a math nerd. I enjoyed this one very much!

Have you read any of these?

Happy Reading!

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