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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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I am excited to be here today to bring you a guest post from author, Tessa Robertson. Please help me by giving her a warm welcome!


Hello! I’m Tessa Robertson and I’m grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to write a guest author post on this blog. A bit about me. I was born in Ohio, but have lived in Iowa for the better half of my life. I began writing at age seventeen, but I truly didn’t consider writing a possible career until 2015. My debut book, Assassin By Day, will be published September 20, 2017 through Crooked Cat Books. It is a crime thriller novel with espionage and mafia affiliation. I’m a huge fan of action, adventure, and thriller movies and books. I’ve always been a bit unique as I’ve been 6ft tall since I was twelve. As I think back on it, all the things that I hated about myself were exactly what made me who I am. It also gave me a great outlook on writing characters. Tall women don’t get enough credit, which is why you won’t find a main character under 5’10 in my books.

When writing Assassin By Day, I was given the opportunity to truly express myself and my thoughts. I like to bend the ‘normality’ of characters and introduce readers to new experiences. My main character, Mishka Vald, is a Russian assassin who hasn’t had the greatest luck with men or life in general. Inspiration for her came easy as I wanted to showcase the blatant misconceptions people have about women. Though, we’re slowly accepting more from women, we have a long way to go. In truth, men can get away with basically anything and most won’t give it much thought as the man is clearly ‘still growing up’, ‘just being a guy’ or ‘going through a phase’. I’ve noticed more ‘shaming’ of women when it comes to relationships, whereas men are free to do as they please. I wanted to dive into that further, so I created a world for Mishka that is controlled by men and showcase how anyone can easily fall as prey. Nothing in life is always as it seems. The same can be said about Mishka and her search for the truth. Throughout the book, Mishka discovers that her duty to her country and her heart are often at war.

My motivation for Assassin By Day really comes from my desire to push the envelope for characters that are often disregarded because of their gender. So much happens in secret and the public doesn’t realize. Often blackmail can be the simplest of things such as an egotistical mate who attempts to puppeteer others or domestic abuse that women hide because they’re protecting someone else.

Assassin By Day is the first in the series. My goal is to have the next book ready for a 2018 release. Discovering one’s true self-worth and creating a Happily Ever After best suited for her is what Mishka will accomplish throughout these books. Women can be just as badass as men. Maybe even more. That’s enough inspiration for me.

Here’s my blurb for Assassin By Day. Enjoy.

What would you do if the mystery to your mother’s death lay with your employer? 

After years of unanswered questions, Mishka Vald sets out to uncover the skhodka’s involvement in her past. What she doesn’t expect is to join forces with men who push her to become a double-agent and confirm her future. While hunting down leads, the ruthless assassin realizes a life in the shadows is the only way for her to protect those she loves.  

For Mishka, forbidden love is worth the pain when it comes to Eddie Harper, a military man turned cop. Her affection waivers when duty comes first and she joins forces with an elite Russian soldier, Alexei Petrovich. With a blackmailer threatening her school love, she seeks refuge with a fellow assassin, Nickolas Volkov. And when pushed too far, she’s ushered to a secure location…and straight into the arms of mysterious handyman, Dylan Kain. As the pieces fall into place, their mangled order reveals each man’s true intention. Whose deceit can she accept and whose will obliterate her?

All roads lead back to the woman she thought dead—her mother. Now, as weddings are crashed and alliances tested, Mishka uncovers a deadly game and the players involved. Her heart, once unable to budge, is thrust into action, but which man can keep her soul intact?

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