Fall Theme Tag

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Theme Tag

My friend Karen Posted this on her blog and I thought it was fun to play along! :) 
Favorite Fall Sweet Treat:  Pumpkin Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!
Red, Yellow, or Green Apples:  Red Honeycrisps J
Favorite Fall Sport to Play: Nothing better than a long run on a crisp morning!
Best Drink for Fall:  Hmmmm…not quite hot chocolate weather, not iced tea still…not sure.  The zombie frap was not bad…
Favorite Fall Activity: Being outside! Hiking.
Must Have Fall Purchase: Vests! I really like the warmth J
Pumpkins – Pick your own or store-bought: Store bought
Real or Fake Pumpkin: Real
Favorite Halloween Costume:  I loved Puppy and my costume last year!
College Football or NFL:  COLLEGE!! Go Bison!!!
Fall or Halloween Decor:  All of them J
Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake:  Leaves galore!
Favorite Soup:  Chicken Tortilla 
Favorite Fall Candle Scent:  Apple
Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice:  Not so much   
Short Booties or Tall Boots:  Tall usually, but I got my first shorter ones a bit ago!
Favorite Halloween Candy: PB cups!
PSL, Yes or No: No
Hayride or Corn Maze:  Corn Maze!
Favorite Fall TV Show:  Right now its been Grey’s Anatomy!

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