Book Review: First and Then

Monday, January 4, 2016

 Author: Emma Mills
Summary from Goodreads:
This book was advertised to me as a Friday Night Lights meets Pride and Prejudice. I haven't seen Friday Night Lights, but I do know it is about football and that was the case here. In this book, the two characters that are at the center of this book are Devon and Ezra. While it seems like Devon does not have any interest in Ezra at first, things start to change over time as Ezra takes an interest in helping Foster (Devon's cousin who lives with them). The book has romance and intrigue. The cover was adorable and I enjoyed reading this book.

Personal Review:
I have to be honest, I was drawn to this book by the cover. Once it was marketed as a P&P type story, I was sold. The book met my expectations in both of those regards. I appreciated the story line and how at first Ezra resembled some of the traits of Mr. Darcy-snobbish, stuck up, and even arrogant at times.

I also appreciated that Devon was very Elizabeth like in her ways. She had already made up her mind about how she felt (and in this about Cas), that she seemed to be ignorant to what was going on around her. It took some outside meddling on behalf of her cousin (soon to be adopted brother), Devon to get things moving for this couple.

I like the romance and the story. I enjoyed the tie in with football and the modern day story. The plot was a bit predictable, but I often find that those are some of my favorite reads. I would recommend this book to others looking for a cute, quick read.

Happy Reading!

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