Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things I Wish I Knew More About As a New Book Blogger

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Today is a freebie week for the Top Ten Tuesday and I decided that I would write a list of things that despite blogging for several months, I haven’t a clue about. I am sure that I could research these things, I just haven’t had a chance to do so yet.  So given that, here are a few that I have no idea about:

1) What is included in a good book review? Do you include spoilers? How do you balance between telling enough about a book to get people interested and not ruining for everyone else?

2) Should you use blogger or word press? Or something else? Should I self host my site?

3) What places should I be on social media? Are there accounts that I should follow? Also, what is tweet deck? (I have been told what it is, but how does it work?)

4) What are your favorite readathons and when do they happen?

5) How do you participate in a blog tour? How do you find out about tours?

6) Should I do giveaways? If I do, should I use rafflecopter or something else? Is it expensive to ship international?

7) Can you request arcs directly from publishers? If you do, how do you do that and who do you contact? Is this how you get authors to directly send you books?

8) How do you track your books? Goodreads? Library Thing?

9) Is there a list of book events, blog events, or reading groups? This could be local or broader. How does BEA and ALA work? I have attended Book Con, but never the other two. Are there other types of events that are similar to these? Do you have to be a member of ALA to attend their events?

10)  Is there a blogging mentor program? I would love to have regular conversations with people who have ideas about any of the topics above or any other blog topics. 

As you can see, I have a lot of unanswered questions! I know that I just need to take some time and I am sure that someone has posted for me to learn the answers to these questions. Have you? If you have and have a link to relevant topics, please feel free to share below!

Thanks! Happy Reading!


  1. I am a new blogger also, and I read other blogger's blogging tips, some are very helpful and some are useless. I am learning as I go and I am loving the journey..I enjoy visiting blogs you can find blog tour signups on alot of blogs as well as Challenges and Giveaway Hops, but you have to know what you want to present to your readers, that's a huge step in blogging. I hope this little comment helped!!

  2. Hi Joann! Thanks for the idea. I like it alot! I appreciate you stopping by and offering it to me. Thanks again :)