Book Review: Wanderlost

Monday, March 14, 2016

Author: Jen Malone

Review:Not going to lie, I was first drawn to this book because of the cover. It is super cute and the fact that it plays on the word 'Wanderlust', it seemed like it was right up my alley. This booked lived up to my expectations and was super cute! I am really glad that I had a chance to participate in my first Around the World ARC Tours with this book.

The book follows Bree, who ends up going to Europe to cover for her sister Elizabeth, after her sister covers for her. While pretending to be Elizabeth, she leads a group of seniors through cities and locations across the continent. However it is not an easy task for her, as Elizabeth speaks Spanish and Bree does not. Thankfully she soon seeks help from Sam, from the tour agency. When everything gets chaotic, craziness happiness, but romance also ensues and so much cuteness. I want to be descriptive, but also pride myself on not giving spoilers out. So if you're wondering what I am talking about, you may have to just pick up the book! :)

The plot of this story kept moving and was really good at keeping your attention. We knew enough about the characters to understand them but not over the top. We saw Bree deal with a variety of emotions and got to know her. The romance was an added bonus. In summary, I felt like the reader could really root for the people in the book despite the ‘lies’ she had to tell to help her sister out.

My favorite part of this book was the setting. I love to travel and a couple of the places they mention are places I have actually been! (Like the Casino in Monaco) I loved being reminded of Europe and it makes me anxious to get back there some day. I feel like there is so much I could do in a place like that! Someday…

In the meanwhile though, I just want to wrap up this review by saying if you like books about travel and/or cute romances, this is a good one. I would recommend it! It did not disappoint.

Happy Reading!

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