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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be here today to bring you a guest post from author, Dale Duvall. Please help me by giving him a warm welcome.


I am We
From the smallest microorganism to vast galaxies, all things form a part of a web of interconnected multidimensional phenomena. With a sense of oneness, there is always an innate goodness and appropriateness of action. Our own two fingers do not behave inappropriately toward each other because they are part of the same body. When most people think “I am” it is the Ego speaking, not the whole self. The Ego foolishly thinks that it alone is “I” and the stronger the Ego, the stronger the sense of separateness. The truth is that I am WE. We are a drop in the ocean and an ocean within the drop.
Separatism in the form of narcissistic egotism, religious righteousness, nationalism, sports fanaticism, or even feelings of race, tribal, or family superiority is a foolish primitive disease that fosters violence and thwarts harmony and cooperation. We need to recognize and merge our love for those close to us with the ultimate goal of understanding, cooperation, peace, and harmony with all that is. Love of one’s country, sports team, spouse or child, is perfectly normal, but fanatical attachment is unhealthy and cannot be an excuse for violence or separatism from all that is. Violence, even in defense of right, is wrong. We can evolve to find a better way.
I cannot exist without my body or my mind or my soul, just as water cannot exist without the elements of oxygen or hydrogen. And as water is not oxygen and it is not hydrogen, I am not my body, I am not my thoughts, and I am not an invisible soul. Body is only a vessel, thoughts are only tools that I can choose to use or dismiss, and soul is only my incorporeal life force connection to the source of all creation. I am we.
We are the body, the Conscious mind, the Subconscious (or subtle) mind, and a very subtle light that was before the body existed and will be after it dies. (Some call it the soul, the spirit, or life force energy) The body provides a physical being and represents us to others. The mind holds only one thought at a time but jumps around like a wild monkey from one picture to another to another providing us with an endless stream of thoughts, ideas, and past experiences wrapped in the emotion of the time. It can be guided by the Conscious mind as a gardener tends a fertile garden, or it can be allowed to run wild indiscriminately reacting to egotistical whims. And soul is our life force energy, a timeless connection to all that is, providing the true self, the observer, the interpreter, and the witness beyond the self-image. We are one cohesive, synergistic unit greater than the sum of the parts. I am we.
We are awareness, consciousness, wisdom, and loving-kindness in a form that thinks. We are a piece of the source of all things, and all things are of the source. It is like we are all holding hands as universal chi. We acknowledge our ego but identify with, and speak from our true self, the light within, the soul, the spirit, the wisdom and loving-kindness that is of the source of all things, to which we are all connected. I am we.
As two fingers of the same hand are separate, they are of the hand, which is of the body, which is of the source of all things, of which we are all a part, uniting us all as one. We are like a single cell in the body of the Universe, nourished by the same life force energy source, separated only by an invisible ego. I am we.
Our essence is a field of awareness that is consciousness and universal intelligence that conceives, manifests, and governs the body and mind.  The essential we is inseparable from our source, and all that is. I am we.
We are one with all that IS.
Harmony IS an attitude at the deepest level.


I am Harmony at the deepest level.
Dale R. Duvall is a Certified Stress Management Consultant specializing in PTSD and Therapeutic Imagery, and is the author of Imagine Harmony - How to Evolve from Stress to Gratitude. Visit Amazon for the print or eBook copy and for more articles.

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