Book Review: Dumplin

Monday, October 12, 2015

Author: Julie Murphy

Summary from Goodreads:  
This is the story of Willowdean and her journey in discovering her confidence in herself. The story centers around a little romance, a beauty pageant, and learning that as you grow up-sometimes your friends change too.  Willow is a big fan of Dolly Pardon as well.
Personal Review:
I enjoyed this book.  I first picked it up since I heard that they were adapting it for a movie. I enjoy the comparison between the two and will be interested to see how they adapt it for the big screen. The book has a lot of moments that ‘come to life’ in my head and I hope that the movie does not disappoint.

The book had an interesting plot with a few twist and turns. I liked that the main character wore her heart on her sleeve and as a reader we got to experience the different emotions that she was experiencing at the time. I loved that there included references to Dolly Pardon, as I am too a big country fan. 

Happy Reading!

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