Book Review: The Thing About Jellyfish

Monday, October 12, 2015

Author: Ali Benjamin

Summary from Goodreads: This is the story of Suzanne and her personal loss of a dear friend. In an effort to cope with the world around her, she takes to learning about that around her including jellyfish, ants, and so much more.

Personal Review:
This book first of all has a beautiful cover. It is also about jellyfish, which is something I have always found to be interesting. Given those two things alone, I knew that I would need to read this one. I am glad that I did.


The story centers on Suzy and her loss of her friend to a tragic accident. While she chooses that he will be okay in a silent world, she must continue to make sense of the grief that is going around her. If there is one thing that the author did with this book, it was make a very real way to sense how hard this was for Suzy. Her ‘acting out’ spoke volumes for what she was going through and the quest to hold on to what she could about her friend.

This book was well written.
Happy Reading!

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