#24in48 Wrap Up

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to stop by with a wrap up post for the #24in28 reading challenge that happened this last weekend. This readathon is always an intense one, but I am able to get alot of reading done and for that I am so grateful. I managed to read six books this weekend! Attached is a picture showing four of those books.

Here are some short summaries about them:

The Year We Turned Forty
This is the book about three women and their lives. When given the chance to go back in time and change things, they soon realize that everything maybe happened the way that it did for a reason. An interesting book with characters that had alot going on in their lives.

The Start of Me and You
I loved this book! This was really cute. When the main characters boyfriend dies in a drowing accident, it takes awhile for her to recover. This book is the story of her life following the accident and how she learns to live again. I really enjoyed the story and the premise. The author does a good job of adding modern day references as well and I really appreciate it.

This book was an emotional read. In this book, the main character has left her job at a bank and moved into a new location. When a romance starts with someone close to her, you can see the sparks and chemistry. Then Act III happens and you are left a mess. I dont want to say too much because that could spoil it, but if you are looking for a book to give you feels this is one for you.

Rise of the Rocket Girls
This is a book about the real life mathematicians, programmers, and other influential women on the Jet Propulsion Lab and NASA. I enjoyed the story about these women and how they were able to go boldly in the direction of their dreams. This book was educational and informative at the same time. I appreciated it very much!

Have you read any of these books?

Happy Reading!

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