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Thursday, July 28, 2016

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Just stopping by today with a Guest Post from Alix Nichols, author of Find You in Paris. Earlier I posted about the book and the author, but in the meanwhile let's get to know more about the setting for this book!

Welcome, Alix to He Said Books or Me!
The Darcys of Burgundy

The hero of my newest romance novel, Find You in Paris, is Count Sebastian d’Arcy du Grand-Thouars de Saint-Maurice. The name is an amalgamation of several French aristocratic surnames that I have tweaked so as not to point in any specific direction.

Regarding his family castle – Chateau d’Arcy – it’s very different from the namesake château fort located in the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy). Here is a pic of the real Château d’Arcy:

And as for the Darcy Grotto, which Sebastian and Diane (the heroine) explore during their weekend at the Chateau d’Arcy, it’s one hundred percent real.

Incredible as it may seem, there really exists a cave complex called Grottes d’Arcy near the town of Arcy-sur-Cure in Burgundy. And, just like in my book, the walls and ceilings of some of the caves are covered with magnificent prehistoric rock paintings. What’s more, the d’Arcy cave isn’t a replica made for tourists like the famous Grotte de Lascaux. What you’ll see when you visit will be absolutely authentic and absolutely worth your while.

The only tinkering I’ve done with the cave is to “age” the paintings from twenty-eight to forty thousand years old. Oh, and I also transformed the gray-haired senior archeologist into a foxy thirty-something, just to spite Diane. J

Here is the official website of the Grottes d’Arcy:

Now go read Find You in Paris, and then visit the wine region of Burgundy with its medieval castles and Ice Age rock art! 
It certainly makes me want to go visit! Thanks Alix for the information and for igniting my travel bug :)

Happy Reading!

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