Book Review: The Naturalist

Monday, July 4, 2016

Author: Darrin Lunde
In this book we get to learn more about one of my favorite presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and his life as a naturalist-hunter. Young Teddy's life was not easy for him as he was always sick. In even one story in the book, it is stated that his father gives him a cigar to try to make him feel better. When that doesn't work, he turns to exercise. He gets bigger and stronger.

Not only is Roosevelt become stronger on that front, he also starts to learn about the world around him. A world in which he becomes obsessed with birds. He learns about them through hunting, taxidermy and other means. The book helps us to understand the impact that he had on places like the National Museum of Natural History.

I enjoyed this book because we got to learn about his travels. I too love an adventure and he got to visit so many wonderful places. He had a fond appreciation for the outdoors and that book captures this very well.

If you enjoy history, the outdoors, and learning about the presidents this may be the book for you. While I was awarded a copy of this through Blogging for Books, all comments are my own. 

Happy Reading!

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