Book Review: Requiem

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Author: Lauren Rico

Information From Amazon:
Matthew and Julia Ayers are happy at last, settled in their new home with their son and flourishing musical careers. And with Jeremy Corrigan playing in an orchestra halfway across the country, they finally feel a sense of peace and security.

That is exactly what Jeremy is counting on.

Enraged when he is caught in a compromising situation, he refocuses his energies on the people he holds responsible for his languishing career. Believing that "There is an art to destroying a life," he sets out with cool determination to destroy those who have betrayed him.

No one is safe from his wrath

The eternal struggle between good and evil play out with horrifying consequences in REQUIEM.

Personal Review:
Do you guys remember Reverie and Rhapsody? The books about classical music and romance? I am happy to let you know that I recently got a copy of the third book in the series: Requiem. This book is finally the story about Matthew and Julia and their lives.

However, be it what it is, it just cannot go without just a bit of drama. Jeremy is back and is up to no good. He is dead set on getting even for what happened. (#nospoilers)

The book was engaging and the ending was something else! It was not what I thought. This book and series were worth the read. If you hurry, you can even get the third one on Amazon for just $1.99. 

I recommend this book for those that have an interest in love stories or those who have a passion for the arts. For those that enjoy both, this is the book for you. Thanks Lauren for the opportunity to read this book.

Have you read this book?

Happy Reading!

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