Book Review: Happiness for Beginners

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Author: Katherine Center

Summary from Goodreads: Helen, decided that it is time for her to get her life back. A recent divorcee, she sets out on an adventure hike to brave the wilderness and all that it has to offer. The story is one in which she has to learn to trust not only those around her, but herself again.

Personal Review:
I liked this book! It has a lot of elements of books that I tend to enjoy: some research on happiness/positive psychology, an adventure through hiking, and an underlying romance. The book was a quick read for me and I enjoy those every now again.


Helen was a character who had to push herself beyond her own limits to know that she could stand up for herself and that she would be okay. She found herself admitting that it was okay to not have the answer to every situation and that the past one’s no longer have to determine your future. I liked her character and everything that she was able to overcome.

I enjoyed this one.
Happy Reading!

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