Book Review: Never Always Sometimes

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Author: Adi Alsaid

Summary from Goodreads:
David and Julia, two high school friends have created a list of things ‘never to do.’ When they decide to change their minds and embrace the clichés of their list, the fun begins. The book follows the two on those adventures and as they wrap up their high school careers.  

Personal Review:
I liked this book! As an adult who reads Young Adult books every now again and I find that too often people tear books apart for being too YA. What you fail to forget in that logic is that these books are written for exactly that audience. This book I feel was a positive way to portray a story of two high school students trying to experience what they could of their last days in that age frame. If I tried to look at it from any other angle, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. That said, I am choosing not to. I took it for what it is and for that I am glad. 

The book was a quick read with some twists and turns. It was interesting to see how each person dealt with the situations going on around them. It was okay for them to see that mistakes happen and sometimes it is not always easy to clean up the mess. Being young is about discovering who you are and that is perfectly okay.

I enjoyed this one.

Happy Reading!

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