Book Review: Lawyer for the Dog

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Author: Lee Robinson

Summary from Goodreads: This book is about Sally, a respected lawyer asked to represent, Sherman-a mini schnauzer. Through the course of trying to determine where Sherman should end up, she is coping with her own situation with her aging mother and personal love life. An interesting read. 

Personal Review:
I like books about animals and this one was pretty good. It kept my attention and was a relatively quick read. You could tell that Sally was going through a lot of different things and it was nice that even though Sherman was part of her ‘job’, she was able to have him as a companion for a while too. Animals have an amazing way of being there for us.

I like the story and even though there were a lot of moving parts, I felt the author struck a good balance on this one. At the end it’s alluded to that there may be a lawyer for the cat book. I would be willing to read that if it comes to be.

Happy Reading!

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