Book Review: LumberJanes

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Author: Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis

Summary from Goodreads: The graphic novel, Lumberjanes, follows a group of scouts as they learn about the great outdoors, camping, and have a series of adventures. The first Vol.1 is a collection of the first four issues. The artwork is beautiful and worth the purchase itself.
Personal Review: I picked up this book based off a recommendation from a vlogger I watch. I don’t typically read a lot of comics, but something about this series really intrigued me. I am glad I did! I loved, loved, loved it! The stories are cute, well written, and expertly drawn for the full effect of the story. Several times throughout each one I had a true LOL moment. I loved seeing what adventures the girls got themselves in and the ability for them to problem solve. I enjoyed the creative tie-in with the type of badge that the girls would earn on each adventure.

I am seriously going to be getting the next one as soon as I can.

A good book, worth the read!
Happy Reading!

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