Book Review: What Alice Forgot

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Author: Liane Moriarty

Summary from Goodreads:
This is the story of Alice, a 39 year old mother who falls and hits her head. When doing so, she experiences amnesia and is unable to remember the last ten years of her life. This includes the birth of her children, the decline of her marriage, a falling out with her sister, and a tragedy that changed her life.  
Personal Review:
I picked up this book based off reading a recommendation from a fellow Good Reads suggestion. I really enjoyed this one. It got me thinking about how much your life changes over the course of time and what things you would/wouldn’t know if something like this happened to you. That said though, I think that the author wrote well in explaining the emotions that Alice was feeling.


I liked that she was also able to include an additional story with the sister’s letters to her therapist. That was a very trying time for her and her family, I cannot even imagine. The sister’s perspective helped to add depth to the relationship they have and the related complexities.

I liked the book.
Happy Reading!

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